Rural Community.

That’s the focus of what we are. We are here to help - wherever that might be.

EMS is What We Love.

Rural Community & Event Medical Service was formed January 2023 because of the common ideals of Jamie Rymer and Colette Walker; people that have devoted their time serving communities and working in emergency medicine, in order to provide quality prehospital care for friends and neighbors in their community. Recognizing the need for additional service beyond the County EMS agency, Rymer and Walker have been finding other ways to provide service and care. Both of them have engaged wholeheartedly in community work along with training, to alleviate the strain on the EMS system and assist with not only care in the community, but also building a pool of certified EMS professionals.

Medical Service at Events.

We take our responsibility very seriously - but helping at events is so much fun!

Founders of RCEMS

Jamie Rymer - Paramedic  |  Colette Walker - Paramedic

Board of Directors

Daven Quarnberg  |  Rebecca Chappell  |  Jennifer Christensen

Medical Director

Dr. Steven Jones

Dr. Jones currently works as the Sevier Valley Hospital Emergency Department Physician. He’s also the Emergency Preparedness Director, and served in Iraq with the 2/222 field artillery.

Volunteer Request

Want to join our team? Need some refresher on EMT, AEMT, or Paramedic skills? Send us your email and find out about upcoming events!

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